Solo Part Four: Markets and Shopping

Solo offers a range of markets and other shopping opportunities.

Pasar Klewer is Solo’s batik market. Located in a building near the Kraton, it’s full of tunnel-like paths leading along the rows and rows of batik stalls. It’s busy, dark and overwhelming, but worth a visit. Haggling is difficult at Pasar Klewer, where foreigners are often overcharged, so you might be better off buying batik elsewhere. However, Pasar Klewer is such an experience, that you should have a look. You may never see so much batik squeezed into one small space again.

For buying batik there are many options. PGS and Beteng, at the eastern end of the main road just beyond the statue, are worth a visit. Set out like shopping centres these buildings offer a far more pleasant shopping experience and reasonable prices. Haggling is sometimes possible, but many stalls sell at a fixed price.

In the Kauman area, south of the main road near Cakra Homestay, there are many small batik shops, where you can often pick up something original at a good price. You could spend all day wandering down the alleyways visiting these shops, and it’s a pleasant shopping experience.

Large batik stores such as Batik Keris, on Jl Yos Sudarso, and Danar Hadi, on Jl Slamet Riyadi, offer yet more batik options, including small souvenirs such as fans, purses and bags made of batik.

Pasar Triwindu on the road leading from the main street to the Mangkunegaran Palace is Solo’s recently refurbished antiques market. As well as antiques you can find all kinds of knick-knacks and souvenirs here. Haggling is definitely required.

On the same street on Saturday evenings (and some other days) there is Pasar Malam, or night market. This small street market is a good place to pick up little souvenirs and other items, such as food souvenirs, t-shirts, models, keyrings, etc.

There are many other markets in Solo, selling food, flowers and other items. However, those I have described above are the most useful for souvenir shopping.

Should you wish to get away from traditional markets, Solo has two malls – Grandmall and Solo Square – both west of the town centre on the main road. These malls feature supermarkets, fast food outlets, clothing stores and all the usual facilities.

If you need to buy clothes you could check out Matahari department store in Singosaren, near the main road, or one of its branches at either mall.

For buying daily provisions there are many small stores and mini-markets throughout Solo. Larger supermarkets include Atria, at the southwest corner of the Mangkunegaran Palace, and Hypermart at Grandmall and Solo Square.


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